Department of Student Affairs

The Department of Student Affairs is an academic support division of the Colegio that is concerned with academic support experiences of students to attain holistic student development. Student Welfare services are basic services and programs needed to ensure and promote well being of students. Student Development services refers to the services and programs designed for the exploration, enhancement and development of the student's full potential for personal development, leadership and social responsibility through various institutional and/or student initiated activities.

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About DSA

Message from the Director, Meet the Team

Overview & Objectives

The Department of Student Affairs is an academic support division of the Colegio. It focuses on the activities of students outside the classroom in their accreditation undertakings. It has three aspects: Developmental, Assistance and Control.


  • Enhances the leadership skills and core competencies of the students
  • Implements programs for the promotion of the Letran core values and advocacies
  • Leads in the organization of special events for students related to culture, arts and sports
  • Participates actively in the community service program
  • Participates in the research undertakings of the school


  • Leads in the recruitment of new student assistants
  • Ensures the proper observance of the different scholarship programs which includes free housing, food, books and allowance
  • Promotes wellness program by providing health programs


  • Recognizes and monitors the performance of all student organizations and student government and the official student publication
  • Implements disciplinary services of the School stipulated in the Student Handbook
  • Monitors closely the individual performance of student assistants
  • Monitors the health programs and sanitation of food services
  • The DSA is a medium of connection which communicates and explores the needs of students to the Administration as well as helping them to find their community in the Colegio